Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where I find myself

This week I found myself wrestling with the big questions in life. What direction am I heading? Am I even moving? This month I've had friends graduate, move away, get married, buy a home, have a baby shower, and get stationed in Germany. There are so many many changes. May is always the hardest month for me. It's the month of changes. My 10 year reunion is fast approaching and I find myself in a panic. Should I go? What do I even have to show for this past decade? The truth is I've done a lot. I may not have finished my degree and started my teaching career but I'm close. I've traveled the world. I've descipled people. I've prayed for miracles and watched as they became reality. I am still enchanted by the life that God has let me live. I'm not married but I'm not scared either. I'm open and ready. I've done well and while others may wonder what I've done with this time, I'm not ashamed to say I've served,I've made mistakes, I've been humbled, I've been stretched and torn, and I'm better for it all.

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