Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello Ladies, swim here often?

Okay okay so maybe he didn't say those exact words, but that pretty much seemed to be the gist of it. We came in minding our own business trying to have a sucessful day of swim lessons when he shows up(well actually he was there first). There was this lifeguard who seemed to have a lot of suggestions for us (Ly and me). First he suggested that we use the family dressing rooms to store our belongings, then be honest I don't remember what else he suggested but he just seemed to want to talk...and we just wanted to swim. He asked if this was our first time there, and why hadn't he seen us before? And had the other guards talked to us? Poor guy. He was super polite so I couldn't just ignore him (as much as I wanted to). He would say things like pardon me, and if I may suggest....he even bowed. How can you be rude to a person who bows to you? I just couldn't do it. And because of that I know that he has life guarded for 6 years. Worked with the YMCA at the Meadows. Feels that his fellow rec center lifeguards are not very friendly and that they should talk to the patrons more and get to know them. By the way Ly is my number one star pupil. She is doing great!